Friday, May 15, 2009


There are probably two basic types of bloggers, those with a specific vision or goal, and those who only know that they have something to say. I fall into the latter category. My wife would say I am a man of few words. This is mostly true because I determined a long time ago that my mouth would never be able to keep up with my brain. This is probably a good thing since often when I allow my mouth to engage, I quickly find myself digging a hole.

With this in mind I wish to state that my intent is not to be petty, mean spirited (too cliché), or even vindictive. I hope this to be an experiment in which I find answers to the following;

Are there any clean politicians
Is the left really as wacky as they sound
Can I vent my frustration in a pleasant and funny manner
And for Tom Green, where is the center of the universe

I have titled this blog "The Regressive Left" because I have come to realize that those who call themselves progressives, all though maybe unwittingly, hinder the advancement and growth of not just society but the individual.

There was a time when I thought the Left’s efforts intentionally evil. Observation over time has shown me that more often than not their intentions are good, just misguided. There appears to an inherent tendency on behalf of the Left to want to change the world from the top down and thereby change the individual. Whereas most right thinking people feel it is the individual’s responsibility to change and thereby make the world a better place.

So the Left and the Right both want to improve things but the philosophies for how this should be done is where the two groups are at odds. And now with the Democratic Party in charge the Liberals are quick to offer advice on how the Republicans should improve their image. At the top of that list is for the Right to offer plans instead of tearing down current policy.

The left loves that idea because it would force the Right to get into a bidding war as to what the federal government will do for the citizen. This is in direct opposition to conservative principals, and exactly why the effects of liberalism are regressive. Any movement towards dependence of the people upon the government weakens the psyche of the individual and enslaves the human spirit.

This does not dismiss the responsibility of the federal government to preserve and protect the United States constitution. This is meant to highlight the importance of the individual uplifting his neighbor, voluntarily and happily. The tendency towards charity requires that their be a need, if the government is going to shoulder 100 percent of this responsibility then all that is left is to confiscate the resources of the “haves” in order to give to “have-nots.”

So rather than try and one up the Left with what services the right will provide all who live in the boarders of the United States, I will try to recognize the good will intended by the “Regressives” while at the same time pointing out how false and ludicrous the premises of the Left are, from Al to Zen.


  1. Great job, honey! I'm glad this project is becoming a reality for you!!

  2. Nice post Uncle Mark. I look forward to more of your point of view. :)

  3. What a wonderful blog Mark! It will be fun indeed to read your well-thought out views... and to "get in your head a little bit"... Awesome ideas, I am glad you have a "voice" to enlighten us all!

  4. UH - WOW! I think I'm really going to enjoy the writings of Mark S.
    If you say that fast, it sounds like Markus. :-)
    I'm intrigued by your writings, and am excited to read more!

  5. There are two ways to be a have. Take from the haves and the more they have the more you take; or provide something that haves and have nots want and then find a way of keeping a portion of what you have while providing more of what they want.

    Have nots will always be have nots until they learn that they don't have to act like wannabe haves who are have nots. It is the satisfaction with not having to have everything that others have or want that makes one "a have".

    I enjoy the political forum. I'll enjoy reading it.

  6. Thank you for writing this. Excellent. As a "core liberal" (a person who stands for the liberal principles of freedom and equality of opportunity and not equality of result) I applaud your efforts in this. I administer a facebook group about this issue called Liberal Core vs the Regressive Left of facebook. We would love to have your input. Thanks.